Brazilian Summer Camp

What better way to learn soccer than from a Brazilian! Brazilian United has arrived in South Shore Soccer League to take the #GenuineBrazilianSoccer. They are offering a skilled, special, and exciting soccer summer program to kids. The camp will run from Monday to Friday during the week of August 5th.


Ages 4 to 6 in the Future Stars Camp and ages 7 to 14 in the Open Camp.


Both camps run Monday to Friday the week of August 5th. Future Starts (ages 4-6) runs from 3:30 to 4:30 each day. Open Camp runs from 5 to 8pm.


The camp will be held at Cedar Creek Park. The entrance to the park is on Merrick Road in Seaford.

Extra Costs

No extra costs for this camp. The camp costs $149 for the younger group (ages 4-6) and $249 for the older group (ages 7-14)


Why Should My Child Attend

You might be wondering: Why should my child attend BUC Soccer Summer Camp?

We will answer you with 5 words that describe Brazilian soccer:

 GINGA: Brazil is known for its ginga, the art of skill with the ball at your feet "Footskills". In our camp we have the best coaches to teach and encourage your child to use their creativity to play beautifully like the stars of our country.


OUSADIA: Just like in life, soccer is based on facing adversity. We encourage your child to find even faster and more creative ways to solve problems that appear on the field.


ALEGRIA: We play with joy. It's no use being in soccer and not liking what you're doing. With us, your child can improve their skills while having lots of fun.


CULTURA: The cultural exchange promoted during the camp is impressive. Our Brazilian, 

coaches always share their experiences, language and national customs with the players.


RESPEITO: With soccer the promotion of respect is essential. Practicing sports strengthens bonds and helps with social development on and off the pitch.

Summer Camp ages 4 to 6

Brazilian Summer Soccer Camp for ages 4 to 6.  3:30 to 4:30pm every day. Monday August 5th until Friday August 9th

$149 ($119 with code 30OFF)


Summer Camp ages 7 to 14

Brazilian Summer Soccer Camp for ages 7 to 14.  5 to 8pm each day from August 5th through August 9th.

$249 ($199 with code 50OFF)

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